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Current Version = 10.3.2

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Supported languages: Arabic, Czech, English, French (fran├žais), German (Deutsch), Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Espanol), and Turkish.

We strive to translate these EZ Notes product help pages into more languages and we appreciate translation assistance for any languages not listed below. So if you know someone with translating experience, you may contact: amadani@pristineusa.com


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How can I further support EZ Notes, to help ensure it continues?

How do I easily create Voice Notes using EZ Notes?

How do I Edit an existing swipeable note?

How do I bring up the Context Menu to perform Desired Actions on my Notes?

How do Context Menu functions work?

How can I change the Background Color of my Painting Canvas?

How can we rename a Folder?

How do I delete Notes? I don't see a delete button?

How do I create a Title for my EZ To-Do Card?

How do I delete an EZ To-Do Card?

How do I delete Archived Notes?

How do I share an EZ To-Do Card with others?

Can we set a Priority Tag on Notes?

How do I set a Reminder on my Note?

Is there a way to share (transfer) only the text portion of one or more notes?

Is there documentation for the EZ Sketch function?

Is there any way from within my App to access my Google Play Billing information to manage my subscription?

What's a good rule of thumb to know what's taking up Storage?

Is there a way to perform Backup and Restore of our entire App data? How about Across different devices?

How can we easily manage the Files created in EZ Sketch?

What are EZ Folders and how do they work with our home screen?

What is the purpose of the Clear Storage function and how does it work?

How does the automatic StackView Widget Work?

What is EZ Undo and how is it used?

What are EZ Cloud Functions and how are they used?

Are there additional resources for learning to use EZ Notes?

How does the Trash Bin folder operate?

Is there a way to submit additional FAQ questions?

Is there an on-line community to interact with others, and receive EZ Notes tips and news?